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Baltimore Band Block Party

The 8x10 Residency

Here are some soundboard tracks from The MayDaze 8x10 Residency, thank you Rocket. What a blast the month of may was for us and What an experience it was to play with so many great bands and meet so many great people! Hope you enjoy it, I know we did. Hope you enjoy these live soundboard cuts from The 8X10.

Live Soundboard Tracks

here are some Live tracks in the works, from freedom enterprise... Check em they grow!

Bill's Bootleg Selects

Bill's Bootleg Selects are takes from the new Freedom Enterprise's first two shows together as a band. Over the years Freedom has been growing and changing. In the months of October and November of 2011 Freedom has finally began to solidify it's troop of troubadours with Eric Morra on Percussion, Patrick Rainey on Sax, Michael Bohorquez on Vocals and Guitar, Ben Jam Schmier on Bass, Tony Kelly on Keys, Jack Loercher on Drums, and Carl Dougherty on Vocals and Guitar. This album is a great way to stay current with Freedom Enterprise and hear the new direction that the band is heading. Keep in mind that this recording is a BOOTLEG and it is our FIRST two shows together as a new band. These ruff tracks are raw and unmixed but Freedom Enterprise is devoted to continuing to produce moving Soul Funk Jams to inspire the populous and our music is only going to grow and get tighter from here. Special Thanks to Wild Bill for coming out and bootlegging our shows and making this disc possible.

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Freedom Enterprise Album


This self titled album was recorded by Chris Bentley at The Bunker Studio and Mastered by Bill Wolf. This album is not grounded in a certain genre, it flows between styles from track to track. Original organic songs that creates such full musical landscapes you'll forget it's only four musicians. The music blends so well at points you won't be able to tell the difference between a saxophone and a guitar. This album is inspirational driving music to help you push through the rat race. All songs written by Michael Bohorquez. All music composed by Freedom Enterprise – John Stagg, Sameer Khan, Brian Strawhand, and Michael Bohorquez. Special appearance by Dona Olga Reyes Martinez on track 5, 2 and Chris Bentley on track 2. Special Thanks to David Hare, Angela Khan, Stephanie Stagg, Brooke Grimes Bohorquez, Mauricio Bohorquez(Congos on track 7), Kyle Reed and Annie Kilcoyne(Back ups on track 7), and you for being yourself. Released 2010.

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Uncut & Out of Practice Album

Uncut and Out of Practice

This album is just what it says it is….Uncut and Outta Practice. All tracks on this disc are first takes, no overdubs, all live raw tracks with all the mistakes that only a human could make. Songs from all different times and places. A disc you just pop in let play. Music for work or play, great background music to keep you moving. This album is a great way to get your feet wet if your just starting to listen to Freedom's Music and it's the right price at only $5.99 (for 17 tracks!!)…and remember a portion of your money goes to charity (check out the movement on the gear page).

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