Block Party

Because of the love of our fans and people mentioning to WTMD that FE should be at the party this year, we have been invited to play. We are all over listeners of WTMD and are super excited about the chance to give back to a station that has given us so much over the years. HELP US, HELP WTMD!! LET’S RAISE MONEY for the station I know your already listening to. Help us and WTMD!! By helping Original Music Grow and feeding your Local station your ensure a rich culture and a powerful community. Two things the children of the future will need to grow.


Welcome To The Freedom Enterprise Music Website!! Navigate thru and listen to free music on the Music page, watch some Videos, check out our Gear and The Movement, send us a message or book us on the Contacts, check out some pictures on our Photos page, see what other people have said about us in our Reviews, see when the network is going to meet at our next event at Shows,  or just let the Home page stream and listen to some tunes and kickback. Enjoy!!

Freedom Enterprise is Baltimore's own Funk Soul Rock and Roll. An amazing original, organic, orgasmic musical experience. With deep seeded roots in funk, blues, and jazz and a sharp eye towards the future, Freedom is ready to rattle the scene. Freedom Enterprise has forged their own unique sound and their place in town as one of Baltimore's must see bands. FE is a conglomerate of many amazing musicians, each bringing their own sound, wibe, and history to the table. Freedom's concerts are a melodic wall of sound that guarantees good times, an amazing musical experience, and a funky fun place to meet good people. Were planting seeds, were connecting people, were creating the vibe for you to come out and ride, and were constantly working on our art form to perfect for the people.


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Sleepy Creek on the Patomac | Freedom Enterprise Baltimore, MD Live Jazz band music

Sleepy Creek on the Patomac | Freedom Enterprise Baltimore, MD Live Jazz band music

Sleepy Creek on the Patomac | Freedom Enterprise Baltimore, MD Live Jazz band music

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